A Journey to Victorian Cottage Life

It all began with a few printed scraps in a tattered Victorian album. I came across it quite by chance on the Internet. Sharp details and vibrant colors of paper die cuts printed more than 150 years ago were amazing. Without television or computers to entertain them, Victorian women and children spent many evenings putting together beautiful scrap albums for family and friends. Daily life in Victorian times was strictly regulated by etiquette, and leisure time was filled with fancy needlework, reading, drawing, letter writing, and other “useful pastimes”.

In many ways, Victorian life was not that different from ours. The Victorians lived at the time of the Industrial Revolution, and the second half of the 19th century was full of exciting discoveries and marvelous technological advances. Like them, we live in day of rapidly changing technology, and like them, we hold our families and home near and dear to our hearts. It made me wonder: What was their life and surroundings like? And so I embarked on a search for a gentler lifestyle that would organically fit into today’s busy world.

I found it in my studio that, like a charming Victorian summer cottage, is filled with light, happiness and creativity. Here, I explore antique and vintage crafts, and design my projects inspired by Victorian fabrics and needlework.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my website. Perhaps you too might be tempted to pause, look out of the tiny window in an imaginary Victorian cottage on a hill, and make or stitch a little something for someone you love.

With love,